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Oct 9, 2006

I used to go fishing on those boats which go to Tekong, 12 pax for $500 back then, can anyone tell me where I can get such a boat, for a day trip social fishing trip for say 6-12 pax around Singapore waters.

Land based alternatives are possible but less desired.

Info on getting bait, good fishing seas are also appreciated!

Also I used a roll of fishing line I bought from an Emporium, anyone knows where to get these now? Or rods?


I don't know how big a fish you're going to catch. I've just starting fishing in a river a month or two ago. I've got this made-in-China starter kit for A$11 from the fishing tackle department of a chain store :

It includes rod, reel, tackle box, hook, line, sinkers and swivels.

It will do me for now before I progress to better gear. You've got to know how to use it as it has some weaknesses as an el cheapo brand. I use it to catch breams as large as 8" with no problem.

For bait plastic soft lures are getting popular but you need to practise to use them well.

Sorry can't help further as I live in Sydney.

Happy fishing!

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Mar 7, 2005
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AFAIK..the best place to go is changi village for everything. The fishing tackle shops and boat chartering are all there for you to enquire on. :thumbsup:

About 10 years back the boat for about 10pax was about $220 excluding baits.

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