[Exhibition] Fun and Profit - Oct 18 to Nov 10


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Dec 6, 2005

I will be holding a two-part exhibition at The Factory titled Fun and Profit showcasing two ways in which humans relate to dogs.

Fun. While man and dog used to have a utilitarian relationship, most dogs are now companions whose company and friendship we enjoy. Their antics amuse us, and we toss balls, tug ropes, and give treats; activities both parties seem to derive pleasure from.

Profit. There is a darker side to this relationship. There are those that seek to exploit the heart-tugging cuteness of a cute puppy to turn a quick buck. These unethical breeders force dogs to breed to exhaustion in the name of maximising profits.

Through this exhibition, I hope to both celebrate the joy that dogs bring to our lives and also to raise awareness on the issue of puppy mills and how they create suffering in the lives of our four-legged friends.
Through consumer education and awareness, I hope to disincentivize this vile trade and eventually totally eradicate it.

A collection of 5 post cards with individual portraits of some of those rescued will be available for sale. All profits from the sale of these postcards go towards Humane Society Singapore’s educational outreach to encourage adoption and responsible buying.

I will be there on the opening night, 18 October 2013, from 8pm onwards. Come find me and have a chat about anything related to dogs or photography!

Facebook RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/240103069480002/
My own facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/furryphotos

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