EVEN MORE rumours on the new E!

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I was reading at dpreview's forums --> HERE <--

and chanced on this post by this guy who's apparently seen the new E... here's a quote:

Big Ga (dpreview forums) said:
I like a bit of a laugh - you know me! So I thought I'd do a bit of stirring. However, I am true to my word and I've promised not to go spilling the beans. You lot will find out the whole deal about Oly's newest camera very, very shortly anyway - chill :)

What I will say is that the truth is out there .... somewhere in all these posts. There are a lot of people who are just plain wrong about what is coming, but many others are very close.
The new camera will disappoint some - its not going to be the new Ex - that is still to come. However its going to appeal to some people very much indeed. There are two very different applications for it that I personally could find a use for in a professional capacity. A variant on one is something that I think will set Oly apart from all the competition. Probably a bit too niche for the majority of people here though. Hasn't been speculated over much, if at all here funnily enough.
There is one feature that would appear to be missing on it that is a bit of a disappointment to me, otherwise I'd be buying it for certain, but then this is also something that's a bit niche and won't bother the majority here. As it is, I'll wait and see how the prices pan out.
There have been some interesting threads here recently pointing to stuff like Olys financial results. Lots of info in there if you actually do make an effort to understand what they are doing and how they are thinking.
The OM system was very different and wonderful in its day. Fourthirds is going to be as well.
what do you all think? The whole post reads nice until... "Fourthirds is going to be as well" which is kinda refering to the OM system.. anything amiss? :dunno:

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