Even a OPC better than....

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Nov 23, 2004
BB West
Car Rental service???

Called 2 companies just now, no car available! :eek:

One of them told me, I need to rent for whole wk!!! :confused:

Whole wk? Can pay for 2 mth car payment already (OPC) (Plus petrol = $500!!!)

Maybe thinking of getting a OPC next time. Vomit blood when dealing with car rental service company. Either car too old in appearance in exterior or smelly inside the car. You scratched it, you pay more than you rent the car. Once you rented the car, you die die must drive it, not worth to park it and waste $ on coupons. Can't rent for hrs only when u need it, for visiting someone else at the other side of SG. Drive into malaysia, u need premission. AH!!!!!!!! Still so many bad things abt car rental service to list. Really time for me to own a OPC. Drive when needed and mostly pretty woman free after 7pm only, haha! ;p

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