Eco Tourism in Asia Photo Contest

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Jan 16, 2002
Posted some comments in the other thread - - reproduce here for ease of reading:-

A couple of points which has been brought up before and which is actually BAD for the photographer - WE and SEC gets your prints AND negs/slides AND have full rights to use the entries/photos in whatever/whereever/whenever they choose to, probably without paying you an additional cent/royalty EVEN if your pics does not win any prizes.

Think about this - WE and SEC gets lots of entries, they give out a couple of prizes, and has just bolstered their photo library without a lot of expense.

Just take a look at these three clauses:-
* All photographers and text submitted will become the physical property of WE magazine. WE magazine reserve the right to reproduce and exhibit the entries in all media ( now known or hereafter created) including the internet.
* Winning entries are required to submit their negatives to WE magazine to qualify them to the prize entitlement.
* Copyright remains with the photographer but the organisers and sponsors have full right of use in whatever media.

Not to discourage anyone from entering, but this kind of clauses tend to give people some pause in entering cos it effectively limits their future use of their pics.

Jun 14, 2002
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oh..bad thing this contest is only open to Singapore Citizens and PRs. I'm not one of them, but do live here in Singapore for the past 2 years already....sigh!

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