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I went to Hanoi Halong Bay last Christmas. A very beautiful place. Along the way, we saw this woman selling her seafood. Though she doesn't know our language but she still hope that we could buy something from her. This is how she earns a living.

Any constructive feedback are welcome ^^

am not too sure if possible but i'd prefer a much lower angle rather than top down.. the top down gives a very distant feeling..

with regards to your title.. i'd suggest including more of the other boats around.. (to show her "making a living").. rather than a chopped up portion of one other boat onli.. =)


Aug 25, 2006
not too bad, actually, i like the treatment of the picture. top down approach also ok for me, the problem is isolation. was it possible for you to have left the other boat out of the picture? it is distracting. either isolate the woman's boat, or surround it with more. even slightly more of the chopped off boat might be better, now is not here not there. :)

Hi all, thanks for the precious comment. Hers and another one beside her were the only boats there. And I was standing on the bridge, that's why only able to shot from the top.

Mar 13, 2007
Atlanta, GA
you could probably try skew the picture a little on the bottom left corner. perhaps its my sole opinion, but the picture feels a little empty

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