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Dell 27 inch monitor users, please help

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May 19, 2005
u bought 2 display? for what?
May I know how much u paid for the 23"?
I might wanna get one of those for my post processing.

Can share what's the difference with your dell monitor? :) TIA.
i just wanted to compare the light fall off and such between the two.
and because i will certainly get the macpro (in the near future), so i thought i might as well get it now.

i cant recalled how much i paid but IIRC, it's about 1.6k thereabouts.u might want to check out the apple.com.sg website.

last went to cineleisure, there were having 8% on all mac items.(IIRC:embrass: )

what's the difference compared with dell?

after looking various pics in full widescreen on the apple, you'll forget dell even exist.
for the 23 incher, there's almost NO lightfall off or color saturation run at all.
i absolutely love it to death.

get it.the 1.6k is really worth the $.

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