colourizing a B&W photo

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Jan 7, 2004
Bukit Ho Swee
can anybody briefly tell me how do u colourize black n white photos using fotoshop? thanks :)

this is going to be a tough one....

as opposed to using the history brush to achieve colour on b&w... if you are talking about colouring a true original B&W into colour, then it's going to take you some patience and meticulous work.


1) Switch your touch-up layer(s) to SCREEN mode and click on the PRESERVE ILLUMINANCE. Your B&W photo is the background

2) Select your colour palatte and paint over the places (perference to have several layers for this part coz you don't have to rework the whole thing if you make a mistake.)

3) Use an airbrush if you have a graphic tablet; a mouse's not really that great in tonal/ pressure control

4) Use blending modes in Layer properties to achieve the seemless look, or just the BLEND tool if too complicated.

5) start small ;)

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