Charity Without Prejudice

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If i approach frds n relatives.... they will reject mi... saying.. "nah... i would rather support the courage fund den this project... " I feel rather dejected and upset when they have this mindset... We are not asking for $100.. or few grands... im onli pledging for $10 per donation and ya get a nice organiser as a token of appreciation... $10 jus stop ya from having 2 Meals at mc donalds... stop u from singing ktv for once... stop u from going clubbing... but $10 means a lot to our ECGS patients....

Something u shd know....

Epilepsy Care Group (Singapore) (ECGS), a charitable voluntary welfare organisation (VWO), was founded in October 1993. ECGS is dedicated to providing awareness, education and counselling to people with epilepsy, their family members and the public.
Through knowledge, understanding and support, people with epilepsy can become better equipped to achieve an enhanced quality of life and step out of the shadows of social stigma.

Charity WIthout Borders and Prejudice!



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