Catch EIZO & EPSON @ KLPF 2016, 7 - 9 Oct 2016!

Mar 9, 2016
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Free Admission! Win attractive prizes!

Booth No. 071 to 074

The Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival (KLPF) is the hottest and biggest imaging event in Malaysia and possibly Southeast Asia. As travel and photography always go hand-in-hand, the KLPF also include activities in the travel section. Each year photographers and travellers converge at the KLPF to attend the seminars from industry leaders, interact with experts, build new relationships, experience new products and win attractive prizes.

New programs are introduced from time to time to add value the festival. From year 2010, the organisers introduced the KLPF Photo-creator of the Year Award, a biennial event to recognise and promote emerging photographers from Malaysia. Since 2012, the travel section is given more prominence with dedication to travel, that is, the (FITE) Free Independent Travel Exchange. Packed with interactive programs, the FITE is the platform for travel industry operators/organizations to engage with travellers.The first KLPF was held on 14-November 1997 and has since become an annual event to look forward to. The KLPF & FITE is open to the public and admission is free.

KLPF/FITE is organised by PCP Publications – the publisher for photography and travel magazines – Photo Creator, Advanced Images, Fotografika, Travelmate and Travelution.


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