Canon Photo Marathon preparation 17 Sept Sunday 2pm

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Jan 9, 2006
Canon Photomarathon Preparation

Date : 17 September 2017 Sunday
Time : 2pm to 4pm
Location : Block 20, Marsiling Lane, s730020. Outdoor pavilion next to the hawker centre and block 19
I will be at this location from 2pm to 4pm.
Do not call me during this time.
I will be busy with the participants inside the hawker centre.
We will not be moving away from this location.

This session is to talk about the process of creating your winning photo plus do's and don'ts.
How to go from contest theme to idea to picture elements and camera settings to lighting and composition, plus selection of the subject.

What to do, what not to do , what to bring, what not to bring plus self preparation.

Some homework that may be helpful.
Read up on the contest rules and regulations.
Search for the previous years contest winners pictures and themes.
There are multiple photo marathons going on during the same year in different countries.

Think about symbolism and how stock photographers convey what they want in a picture.
Picture storytelling.
Your world in a single image.
Think about bringing a symbol, a prop that can mean multiple things to include in a picture.

No need to bring a lot of things, I am just talking and answering questions.

Name : Francis 90070503 sms

Free outing. Everyone is welcome.
I am not organiser of Canon Photomarathon.
I will not be going for the contest this year.
I have a bedridden mom to take care of.
This is just to help people prepare themselves for the Photomarathon.
I don't answer replies to this thread.
Thanks for looking until here.


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Jan 9, 2006
Thanks for coming guys.

This is a summary of the session.

Things to note

1. Read the rules
2. Know the schedule
3. Follow the theme -
o Relevance to theme
o Creativity in theme interpretation
o Composition of photograph
4. Understand what the others would do and make something amazing.
5. Make sure your camera is set up right with correct jpg files and shoot till the last photo that is right.

Bring correct equip and food
Train yourself to see the picture requirements,what is needed and your probability of creation.
Kiss principle ( keep it simple Singapore )
Train your creativity mindset
Bring a prop or tools to create symbolism
Train hard to fight easy.
Create the right team to leverage everyone's strengths.

Good luck :)

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