can anyone tell me what is this guy talking abt?

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May 5, 2004
2 documents, A and B
Step 1: A: create black screen, create a series of overlapping shape
Step 2: A: Use Magic wand select any portion of overlapped shape U want
Setp 3: A: Still in magic wand tool, click and drag selection, drop selection anywhere on B
Setp 4: B: Press crt-c / command -c to copy section on B
Step 5: Go back to A, crt-v/ command -v to paste

simplfied: use marquee tool make selection on black Doc (A) (retangle ants rite)
make sure tool inside selection (arrow with small rect)
drag selection to B(any where)
go back doc A (selection still on rite?) Paste

essentially using selection on A to copy exact same selection from B paste back to A

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