Bowens or Visatec Studio lights?

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Dec 13, 2002
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Can anyone give me some advice on the 2 brands of lighting?

Would like to know from users what they think of the light quality, reliability and after sales service/parts availability for the 2 brands.

What are the wear and tear costs usually associated with Studio light maintenance? Is it just a change of bulbs only?

Would appreciate any recommendations for a good book on studio potrait and product photography. Thanks.


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Mar 2, 2002
Astin Studio
I have 4 Bowens, no Visatec. Bowens light output are ok, consistent, some would say a bit hard/harsh. The unit itself is reliable, sometimes drop on the floor also can survive (very common in studio someone will trip the wire/cable). After sales service is provided by a local shop Ruby, if under warranty the repair if free, if out of warranty there is a repair charge around %80-$100plus.
The usual maintainance cost is the modeling light bulb, I am a heavy user so may not apply to u. My light bulb burnt almost once a month, the replacement is abt $7-$21, depends on wattage.
The flash tube seldom fail, it lasts a long time.
However, after buying the flash light/softbox/stand, you would still need to buy "a lot of" accessory, some examples:
- barn door
- snoot
- honeycomb
- colour gel
See my gallery for more examples.

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