Birth of Circle of Light Community

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The Circle of Light community for B&W photo enthusiasts have been formed on 02 January 2005. We plan to meet once a month at Epsite Gallery. A weblog for members have been created in:

Circle of Light :lovegrin: :bigeyes:

If u r keen to join us in our gathering, watch out for our future notice of gathering in this forum.

If u desired to share with us yr B&W works, drop a PM to me & I'll send an email invitation to sign u in to the weblog. Pls note when you are uploading yr image into the blog, pls restrain yrself to only post B&W or monotone images and to keep the long side of the image to not more than 350 pixels.

Some exciting programmes planned for the next few gatherings:

1. A B&W professional guru will be sharing his works and giving a talk in the March 05 gathering
2. A digital workflow from camera to printer will be featured in the coming gathering.
3. Infra Red photography.....How much do u know?
4. Critiques and sharing of prints during the gathering with yr fellow Circle of Light members. Techniques sharing is most welcome.
4. Book review of fantasic B&W photography books.
5. Member's outing & thematic shoots (sorry, still B&W!)


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May 27, 2003
how about those who use film ? Ok to join ?



Pls read the post. We welcome B&W enthusiasts, both traditional film & darkroom or digital B&W converted photographers. Basically, we gather for the appreciation of B&W or monotone pictures. Don't really discriminate film or digital users.

IMHO, digital is hear to stay, Like it or not. So, why not we embrace it and gather all who have keen interest in monochrome works for the learning & campanion. Everyday is a learning experience for us all. You can ask all who have attended the 2 Jan session. We welcome u to join us in the next gathering.


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Dec 18, 2003
I am a digital shooter ... I do shoot film also ... :)

It's just that I have lesser time to do darkroom printing and why not digital B&W ?? There is still a lots to learn for B&W workflow and not all printers is/are able to produce real B&W print .. so far the closer I can get probably is Espon R800 printer .. :think:

Join us B&W enthusiasts ... :cool:

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