Are you confident of your photography?

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Feb 21, 2005
Are you confident of your photography? When trying out new genres, and it doesn't work out, will you try and try again?
Being confident is one thing...

Being proficient at a different genre is another... There are some genres which I may not be good at, but being confident of the other forms is another. ;)

You have to start somewhere.

At the very least you should strive to be technically good...that is not too hard to archieve as oppose to striving to be technically and creatively good. That takes time, persistency,willing to learn, accept critism, face failure and keep at it over a period of time.

How long that will take...well that is the million dollar question. Once sure way to find out is to keep showing your work around. Not just to your family and to people with neutral relation to you. Family and friends are always...always too kind...unless you met me heheh... That would be what I them to strangers. I trust their comment more then anyone. If I can get mostly good review from them then I know I am on the right track so far.

We just have to keep in mind that we can't be good at everything. Not possible. That is something you have to come to term with. For example..some people who shoot great still life object might not be good with shooting models or people in general as they might be very introvert. But put someone like our own forummer, Tupi Guy to do group shoot or shooting people...he has a knack for putting people at ease. His personality already made him a sure-winner for doing portraits...for example. Get him to shoot F1 car racing and he is all thumbs heheh...

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