Advice and WTB - ND400 filter for 82mm filter thread size (16-35mm mkii). . .

Oct 27, 2008
Seremban, Malaysia
Guys, i'm looking for the ND400 filter for 82mm filter thread size for my EF 16-35mm mkii.

All i can find is Hoya ND400 with Filter sizes up to 77mm. And also came across Kenko ND400 82mm online, but not sure where to get them in Sg.

Found Variable ND 2 to 400 with 82mm filter size on eBay but doubt that they will give good colors and contrast.

Reason for wanting to purchase the above was because i'm experiencing Big-time "reflections" (CAN SEE FROM THE LENS EDGES WHAT IS BEHIND THE LENS WHEN VIEW IN VIEW-FINDER AND PHOTO) + vignetting from 16mm to 24mm and bad contrast with the Cokin Slot-in filter systems.

Please advice if you can provide more information.


Edmund Chan KY

Oct 20, 2010
Shanghai, China, China
You can first trying to call the usual camera shops: TK, Cathay, etc...
Alternatively, there is a Mass sales section here with some selling B+W filters ND110 filters which are good too.

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