A7S III - redefining low-light performance again?


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In 2013, the A7S astonished the world with it's never before seen 12MP low light sensor. The bar was set so high, it's successor, the A7S II, did not really make a dent.
Now, rumbling of the new quad bayer sensor with a low resolution of just 15MP is getting videographers excited again.
The new sensor is said to have 4 receptor pixels for each color square instead of just one. Under low light conditions, all four receptors work together to produce a higher signal strength.
This new sensor design, may mitigate against old penalties for shooting in APS-C mode especially at the long end of superzooms such as the 18-200mm or 24-240mm where f6.3 could prove too dark for low light venues. If the A7S III continues in the A6400/6600 trend of no recording limit, it will again prove itself as a fabulous video camera that may even give Sony's own FX9 a run for the money. The two missing feature of touch focus and extreme low-light in the FX9 makes the A7S III a much more compelling buy.