A much needed advice on nikon d60

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Oct 15, 2008
Hey again,
Thanks for the reply and the thoughtful help.

The nikon D60,
i heard have quite a problem with lenses.
Can you guys recommend me other's camera?,
i interested in taking photos of potraits, people and many more.
My budget for a DSLR is around $900.
Thanks again.

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Feb 21, 2005

read more
shoot more
post more

(a D60 is a good tool and there are other camera which may be better, but of course at a different cost) Look at what you intend to achieve in photography first then budget yourself accordingly.


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Mar 13, 2008
rainy Singapore
Hey guys,

Im new here.
I wanted to ask advice on 'What is the best Dslr camera for newbies like me?'
I was thinking of purchasing on the nikon d60.
Is it worth it?:)
or is there other camera that is better?
Welcome to clubsnap!
In response to your question... Well, that's a really tough one to answer.
Before any of us can offer any useful advice, we need to at least ask:

- what kind of photography you're interested in (travel, night, event, macro, sports, etc)
- what's your budget
- how much prior experience with this hobby

Which camera is BETTER is very subjective.
Some people demand a light camera
Some people demand a very high frame rate
Some people demand very high resolution to print ULTRA-LARGE prints
and so on and so forth...

Feb 16, 2008
the blue planet
a warm welcome by a CS fan..
Nikon D60 is one of the best entry level DSLR. it's very easy to use..gives great pics..
but after 2-3 months when ur learning curve grows, u may want to try some more lenses..like prime lens..in such case u will suffer coz most of the Nikon prime lens does not auto-focus on D60..(not mentioning the manual-focus fans)
pls try to look around a little more and read some reviews of several models.
cheers to your new cam :cheers:

Oct 29, 2007
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Hi, welcome. Firstly any entry level dslr is suitable for a beginner, what you have to ask yourself is how deep is your interest in photography and how often you can make time for it. it makes no sense buying an expensive camera and stuff when you can only shoot once a month sometimes even this is postphoned by other commitments like gf, work, others. Next decide the features you need for the type of shooting you intend to do, usually for beginners it be eg; nature, landscape, portraits, street shots so any brands entry level ones will do the job. Read reviews and get info on the camera you like to get den try out at shops, get a feel for it, do some test shots and compare prices, do not be in a hurry to buy. D60 is a good choice, if you can afford you might want to consider D80 or D90 too. Well wishes on your photography journey :D


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Nov 28, 2005
If you're unhappy with the lasck of a focusing moton in the D60, you can always look a the DSLR cameras made by Sony and Canon too.

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