A Baby's WRC dreams

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hey all.. got this shot at the auto expo a few days back. FYI, background is a Subaru WRX WRC car..

Im a DSLR newbie and still getting the hang of using one.. therefore...
would like some critiques and comments to improve. esp on exposure and composition. I do realise that i accidentally clipped off her left ear..

some PP was done to remove some unsightly saliva drips.



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Dec 27, 2007
Composition is fine but regarding the content, the baby is kind of dark and it would be good if the baby was smiling and happy. Might change the sort of gloomy mood of the picture. Than again the baby seems deep in thought so I guess everyone might have a different view on this matter. Nice photograph and a really cute baby =) Cheerio!



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Nov 26, 2007
your kid's face is underexposed. u probably shld have used a fill flash on her face. i would have probably shot at a smaller aperture to get background into focus as well. or else ppl who are not into cars will not know what is the thing at the back if u dun explain its the scooby wrc car.

it will be better to form a stronger link between the car and your kid as well. now it appears that someone was just snapping a baby who is not interested in whats behind her. some catch light will be good too.

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