|| 3ed Nov 2013 || sim4nee photography workshop small flash big impact outdoor


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Dec 15, 2007
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Similar to Saturday shoot but this time we go outdoor.

Shooting outdoor sounds easy, as long as there are good sunlight half of your job is done, maybe. But shooting outdoor is not just about sun, how you identify the location and background is as important as the photography itself. When you locate a good spot but the sun may not at the perfect direction, here come the reflector or flash.

We will explore how to use the reflector or flash to blend with the sunlight, or to over power the sun to create certain effect, if you like to find out how this is the workshop for you.

The details as follow:
Time: 4 - 630pm(including break)
Fee: $135.00 for first-timer and $120 for repeat participants.
Venue: to be announced to confirm participant only.
If you're interested in this workshop please pm, email me at sim4nee@me.com or text me at 96806036 or pm me at https://www.facebook.com/sim4neePhotographyWorkshop

*actual model will only be announced in next 2-3 day.

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