2nd Birthday Celebration of the website: www.photo.vn (1/10/2006)

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Oct 13, 2005
Hanoi, Vietnam
2nd Birthday Celebration of the website: www.photo.vn (1/10/2006)

Growing from a mere idea of a website for people to share their photos, www.photo.vn which previously named www.photo.com.vn is the main photography website in Vietnam. Daily life stories, Offline and Travelogue, Equipments, Technique…are forums with most messages posted and those forums have shared many interesting information to website members and visitors. www.photo.vn meets the need of sharing the love for photography among its members while digital technique and Internet boom make photography to be more popular.

We sincerely hope that the love of all members for www.photo.vn will never die. It will be a more passionate love ensured by each member’s enthusiasm for our website. We will all stand together forever to promote our common value: Feeling and Sharing.

On the 2nd birthday of our website, we would like to invite all members to join in our birthday parties to meet, to make friends and to memorize all interesting events in the past two years.

Detail: http://www.photo.vn/Forums/viewtopic/t=3163.html

On this occasion, we would like to propose a special project. This project will be a proof of our www.photo.vn website’s great solidarity.

Time: Precisely 9:00 A.M, Saturday 30 September 2006 (GMT+7).

Project activity:

People will take a photo right at the place where you are standing at that moment. It can be a photo of a landscape, a portrait, daily life or of any other types. The photo can be taken indoors or outdoors, in your offices, in your studios, restaurants, cafe shops, streets… or just around you.

All of your single photos will come together to make a huge photo for our website’s second birthday.


You can use whatever available equipments that can take photograph including (but not limited to): cameras of all types, mobile phones with camera function, webcams, security cameras, even scanners or other similar equipments..

Quality of the photos:
Although you can use whatever equipments available but we encourage you to choose and send us your best photo among those you take at moment of 9:00 A.M. Please note that we will consider it as your present for our website’s birthday.

Please provide us with below information together with your photo:
1. Photo’s info:
- Photo title:
- Camera type and lens type:
- Photo location and context:
- Other additional info:

2. Photographer’s info (optional)
- Your real name:
- Telephone number:
- Career:
- Living area and workplace:

Sending photo:
You can submit your photo directly to this thread: http://www.photo.vn/Forums/viewtopic/t=3162.html

Maximum-size of the photo is 800x800, and send original file of the photo to Inoxvn @ yahoo.com

Looking forward to receiving support from all of Yours.
Thank you

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