24-85/f2.8-4.0 vs Sigma 24-70/f2.8 HSM for D700

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Jul 20, 2005
Hi Guys,

I am thinking of getting zoom (now using prime) for my D700. I am considering either of above two as my walk-about lens.

The Sigma is S$750 more expensive than Nikkor (I know it is not fair comparison but cannot compare it with Nikkor 24-70 as I cannot afford one for now). I have done research and can find sparse information on 24-85/f2.8-4.0 though some posting said the discontinued 24-85/f.3.5-4.5 is actually sharper.

Any of you guys have first hand experience with either lens? I will lose some with non-constant 2.8 but that is what I can do for now with my budget.

My priority is IQ (sharpness, contrast, barrel distortion - in order of priority).

Thanks you.

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