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Happy new year my friend, first of all I like to apologize for MIA for so long, festive season and I still do have day job to take care hence the reason for not following up.

Anyway this Saturday afternoon we will be doing a little bit more advance lighting for beauty portraits.

Studio portrait may sounds complicated especially when you never try it before, you may think that you need a lot of lighting equipment, very deep technical photography knowledge etc, you may even think only those big and expensive studio flashes are what you need, well yes and no, if you have the speed light, 1 or more, with proper setting and modifier they can too achieve what the studio flash could achieve.

Model for this workshop is Yulia# from Russia.

There are thousands of way to lit your subject, what kind of lighting is suitable? Which angle is better? How shall I talk to my subjects to make them comfortable etc, these are questions that crossed my mind years ago. In this coming Saturday workshop you going to experience some of the most common way of lighting a portrait shot as shown in this collage.

Of cause there is no way I can demonstrate every single one in such a short time but I believe you'll at least have much better understanding and maybe some good work at the end of the shoot.

The details:
Small flash big impact beauty portrait with studio flash workshop
Date: 11th Jan 2014
Time: 3 - 530pm(including break)
Fee: $135.00 for first-timer and $120 for repeat participants.

Venue: to be announced to confirm participant only.
If you're interested in this workshop please pm, email me at sim4nee@me.com or text me at 96806036

#actual model may not be Yulia if she has assignment prior to the confirmation to this workshop, so I urge those who really keen to sign up please do so asap so I can book her soonest

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