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  • Then dont worry about it.

    1) Understand the consumer. If they are women, do they want to see a dress (regardless how nice it is) in a lousy background? This wont boost sales and will reduce the reputation in fact.
    2) Choose yr background carefully. If you dont have any place, a white wall would do. But watch out for the point where wall meets the floor.
    3) Use side light. Shooting in the day with side light (not over-filled light helps).

    On the side, go for leadership development course. Dont just press the shutter. Plan, co-ordinate, direct. Think like a CEO, not like a technician. Gd photographers manage people which manages the end results. The technical side will surface soon enough.

    A pro makes it look easy cause they been through it for decades. You will become tmr's pro but just continuing to shoot more.

    Hope this helps.
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