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  • Salam bro,

    Firdaus here. I noticed that you have the EFS 10-22mm. If i'm not mistaken, its a wide-angle right? So, dgn segala hormatnye n muka tembok, i wanna ask u whether it'd be possible if i borrow it for one day? Reason being, last minute i'm sent out to a showflat tmr in which my company's product is installed and have to take some interior shots for use in our marketing materials. My in-house company Nikon takde wide-angle and furthermore, wanted to take the chance to get more acquainted with my personal Canon.
    So, kalau tak keberatan, is it possible for u to lend it to me if u're not using today/tmr? I can collect it from your place tonight if u're agreeable.
    U can sms/call me at 91806494. Hope to hear from u soon!
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