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    Photos taken by you, appearing in publications without your consent?

    Woah this is downright disrespectful! Publications should be informed accordingly that their images will be used. My friend was a victim of this too. He was asked by his friend to shoot the Filipino band, Sino Si Kat? we were just surprised that someone used his photo when he uploaded it on the...
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    Who is learning driving now?

    Actually, i'm just starting to get familiar with my cousin's beat-up Mitsubishi Lancer. I just love listening to Urbandub's music on his Kenwood car stereo while driving, it get's my blood pumping!
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    51 Focus Points

    I guess it simply boils down to what your needs are as a photogarpher, if you are into sports and wildlife then this is definitely for you. If you're into glamour and portraits then these 51 pts. can be quite annoying. But hey, you could simplt turn them off. The bottom line is that these 51...
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    Weddings .. how much B&W photos?

    For me, a digital photo would work in B&W for as long as it have a good contrast between dark and light tones.
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    Review - Nikon AF-S DX 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5G

    Is this the Nikkor lens that comes with the Nikon D70? :)
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    Nikon Lenses Made in China

    as long as it delivers good quality photos that meets your demands, then it is a good lens!
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    Watch Photography - Horography

    hm...this sounds interesting. Do you have any sample photos that you can share? :)
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    13 photographs that changed the world.

    Wow! Pretty insipiring photos! Thanks for sharing!
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    how long have u been shooting?

    I started shooting when I was in college. I was using my friend's Olympus OM-1 back then.
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    The Cure

    I love the Cure, although I'm more exposed to their mainstream stuff (boy's don't cry, friday i'm in love). Nevertheless, their musical style still ressonates up to this current generation. hmm...their fashion style somehow looks a bit like those kids on Fete de la Musique in Malate were wearing.
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    Permission to snap public performers?

    Wow now that's just plain rude and nasty! He's not a true performer! I once asked this band, Sino Si Kat?, (a Filipino band) during the 5th Manila Jazz Fest and they accepted me warmly and allowed me to take their photo --- Now that's a good band!
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    2nd Attempt - Night IR

    The 1st photo seems to work fine but the 2nd photo's a bit messy because of the flare. :)
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    Total Lunar Eclipse 28 Aug 2007

    Anyone got a chance to take a photo of this? :)
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    where to buy hard cases for camera?

    Pelican's are the best! Definitely a good investment... :D
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    7 Skies Whale Sharky! :D

    Wow!! I love your photos sir! What photography gears do you usually use for these kinds of shoot? :)