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    Cloud Storage

    Thanks for the information.
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    Cloud Storage

    What will be the recommended cloud storage (preferably at a lower cost, unlimited storage of photos in jpg/raw format, safe & reliable) where one just wants another storage besides the normal hard disk storage?
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    DSLR safety in Ho Chi Minh

    I have not been to Hanoi but have been to HCMC a few years ago. Was using a Nikon D5000 DSLR then. Was alright but i think the locals might not be interested in an entry level camera. Now that i have a Nikon D750 & Nikkor 24-120mm f4 lens, i always choose this combo for my oversea vacation trip...
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    How to Build Nikon Mirrorless Camera System That Raises the Bar
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    Crafting with Filters by Jon Chiang

    Hello Editor, kindly remove my name (should i be chosen) for this event because i'm busy on this coming Sunday & thus unable to attend.
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    Cleaning Solution for my Olympus 7 to 14mm lens,.

    Thanks for information. Exactly, I'm not sure what's on the camera sensor. Read somewhere that Fuji camera sensors have different coating from the rest.
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    NIKON D850 Announcement
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    Other Alternatives beside Lightroom

    Someone in the forum recommended DxO Optics Pro 11. Tried that, it's great.
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    Cleaning Solution for my Olympus 7 to 14mm lens,.

    Thanks for sharing all these info. So IPA is safe to use for cleaning the lenses? We used a lot of IPA in wafer fab industry but mainly cleaning on metal surface. Was told IPA is not safe to clean the camera's sensor.
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    Nikon D750 Official

    So long the camera is in DX mode, then it's alright to shoot with DX lenses. Of course to max out the resolution, it's best to shoot with FX lenses.
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    Lens/Camera for trip to Tokyo!

    I bought the Sony A6000 together with the kit lens. I think you will like it, APSC sensor, small compact and light. May not be suitable for people with bigger hands. Price wise is already more than S$500.
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    Man Utd XX : Back To Champions League!

    Another win, beating Benfica 2:0 in the Champions League group A. Well done!
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    Yongnuo 100mm and 40mm lenses for Nikon camera

    Hi all, Anyone bought the above mentioned lenses? Care to share your review on using them? Thanks!
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    D750 service advisory 2017

    So far that's all I heard.