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Olympus Sport Photography - IWWF WAKEFEST 26th May 2019

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Wakefest Singapore 2019, Hosted by Singapore Wakepark is one of the stops of IWWF Asia’s Wakefest Series 2019.
It will be a cable wakeboard & wakeskate event featuring ability based categories.
Expect slick moves & exhilarating air time by up-and-coming grommets and some of the best wakeboarders & wakeskaters in Singapore & around the region.

Event: Olympus Sport Photography - IWWF WAKEFEST 26th May 2019
Date: 26th May 2019
Session 01: 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Session 02: 3:30pm - 5:30pm - FULLY SUBSCRIBED

Location: Singapore Wake Park

Limited to 25 paxs Per Session

Please Click and Register at the below link.

[COLOR=rgb(41, 105...

[keithwee] The Leica Q2 hands on review |The Q Perfected?

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To start from the beginning, the Leica Q was announced 3 years ago on the 10 of June 2015, (my birthday!), however with the M Typ 240 and M10 it was almost 3 years before I acquired a Leica Q and my in-depth review of the Leica Q and Q-P is here.

*Note: The most updated and full version of this review is always at , for the sake of...

[keithwee] Ricoh GR III | the First 24 hours and 5 reasons for this ultimate snap-shooter.

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*As always the most updated and complete version will be at

Like the Leica M series or the Fujifilm X100 series, the Ricoh GR series of cameras has always engaged a most loyal cult following, drawn to a camera powered by a APSC sensor in a truly pocketable size made more attractive by some of the most beautiful black and white renderings.

Ricoh GR II (2015)

Now 4 years after the release of the GR II, which was essentially the 1st generation GR camera with an extra wifi chip (the browser based interface was poorly implemented too) , Ricoh has finally released a true upgrade for the street shooters in the the GR III and I shall share the 5 most compelling reasons for this (advertised by Ricoh) new King of...

Panasonic Lumix S1 Test Shoot

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ClubSNAP was invited by Panasonic to Hobart Tasmania Australia for their Lumix S Series Launch.

These are some of the Photos taken from Panasonic Lumix S1.

All are out of camera JPEG, unedited.

There are no RAW converter at the current date, Panasonic mentioned it will be release soon.

[keithwee] The Nikon Df in 2019 – is it worthy of Nikon’s tag of ‘Pure Photography?’

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*note: the most updated version will always be at

This is not an in-depth spec based discussion of the Nikon Df, one of the most controversial digital SLR camera that was announced in November 2013, 6 years from today and more of a personal take towards this hidden gem of a camera that probably encountered way more unfair discussion focusing on its design and specs over its performance and imaging quality.

A quick history

Most of the controversy was due to Nikon’s pre-launch teasing of the camera being a representation of ‘pure photography’ (which later simply meant no video functions) and the defining of the letters “Df”, as the “Digital Fusion” of retro style and modern technology.

In a world where every DSLR looked just like the next DSLR , it was little wonder that purist film shooters and...

Ricoh GR III: First impression

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Through Clubsnap, I managed to finally get a hold of this recently announced Ricoh GR III. Here are some of the shots of my first outing with this compact camera:

Standard color mode:

HDR mode:

OLYMPUS x ClubSNAP E-M1X Hands-On for Kid’s Soccer

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Event: OLYMPUS x ClubSNAP E-M1X Hands-On for Kid’s Soccer
Date: 10th March 2019
Time: 8.00am - 11.30am
Location: Yusof Ishak Secondary School Soccer Field - 11, Bukit Batok Street 25, Singapore 658712

Limited to 25 Participants Only !

Kids Soccer_01_Credit.jpg
Kids Soccer_02_Credit.jpg

* Participants don't need to bring any equipment as it'll be provided by Olympus.
* Please bring your own high speed SD cards for an optimized experience.
* Please park your vehicle at Block 289H Multi Story Carpark.

CP+ - Camera & Photo Imaging Show 2019

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CP+ - Camera & Photo Imaging Show 2019 start today.

28th Feb - 3rd March 2019.

  • Expected launches at CP+ 2019
    Ricoh Theta Z
    Samyang lenses
    Sigma lenses
    Sigma MC-21 Mount Converter
    Sigma full-frame mirrorless camera
    Sony A7S III
    Sony RX0 Mark II
    Sony A7000
    Sony FE 135mm F1.8 GM
    Sharp 8K camera
    Leica Q2

More Information:...

Panasonic Lumix S1 & S1R

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Panasonic Lumix S1 & S1R
Lumix Pro 50mm F1.4
Lumix Pro 70-200mm F4 IS
Lumix 24-104 F4 Macro IS

Total more than 42 Lenses

Panasonic Lumix 10++
Leica 18 SL Lenses
Sigma 14 Lenses and Mount Adaptor

More information:





[keithwee] A visual review of the Fujifilm X-T3 at the Sepang Asian Le Mans car races.

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Photographers are visual creatures by profession and by heart, and of course while we will read text to improve our knowledge of the subject,

- few things surpass the joy of looking at the images themselves -

This time, after my review of the Fujifilm X-T3 flagship model and X-T30 which shares the same imaging sensor and processor, I have a few readers inquiring about the X-T3’s capabilities in real world performance during fast paced events – where every single shot counts....


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360° for quality.
The flagship model, achieving the highest image quality of the THETA series.


Striving for ease-of-use with amazing high performance.

  • Records natural 360° images using approx. 23MP (6720 x 3360, 7K) still image shooting and highly accurate image stitching.
  • Using a newly developed lens unit which reduces ghosting, flare and purple fringe. Aperture mechanism is newly adopted with the selection of F2.1, F3.5 and F5.6. By closing down the aperture, higher resolution is acheived.
  • Produces incredibly realistic spherical video by 4K (3840 x 1920, 29.97fps) quality.
  • Supports 360° live streaming in 4K. Transmits excellent quality real-looking image to the world.
  • Demonstrates superior noise reduction performance even when shooting at night or indoors with low light due to the equipped 1.0-inch back illuminated CMOS image sensor.
  • Supports various shooting scenarios using a variety...

<wonglp> User review of Olympus New Flagship OM-D E-M1X

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24 Jan 2019, a milestone in Olympus imaging history, with the launch of the EM1X. A camera that's pitched for the Professional sports and wildlife photographer. This new flagship is not meant to replace the EM1.2, rather it runs parallel to it, and a class above it in fact. EM1X is akin to it's competition Canon 1DX Mark II, Nikon D5, Sony A9 category. It would be safe to say this is the most technologically advanced Olympus camera to date that's built to last and perform in the harshest environment.

31556 01 19 Olympus NDA Launch EDM FC_5.jpg

31556 01 19 Olympus NDA Launch EDM FC_4.jpg

31556 01 19 Olympus NDA Launch EDM FC_3.jpg

The review will cover several areas from my personal point of view as mostly a landscaper photographer as well as general street photography.
- Live ND and applications
- 5 axis stabilization with 12-100mm F4 lens and in general
- High resolution mode both Handheld and Tripod
- Ergonomics and new menu features and hardware
- AF tracking

I will also attempt to (with limited...

Leica Oskar Barnack Award 2019

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All entries for the Leica Oskar Barnack Award 2019 must be made via the online Application Form between March 1 and April 1, 2019.


The “Leica Oskar Barnack Award” competition is open to professional photographers only. To take part, participants must send in a series of photographs taken in 2018/2019 or long-term projects containing at least one photo from 2018/2019. Only one entry per photographer is accepted.

The “Leica Oskar Barnack Award Newcomer” competition is open to any (prospective) professional photographer aged 28 or under at the time of entering. To take part, participants must send in a series of photographs taken in 2018/2019 or long-term projects containing at least one photo from 2018/2019. Only one entry per photographer is accepted

Celebrating Togetherness – Stories of Life & Hope

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Photography Contest - ‘Celebrating Togetherness – Stories of Life & Hope’ to capture special moments and stories of people who make a difference in someone’s life through their care, compassion and love.


Selected entries will be featured at NKF50 events and stand to win attractive prizes too.

Simply capture stories that echo the theme of Life & Hope and stand to win attractive prizes & be featured at NKF50 events.

This competition is open to all – photo enthusiasts, budding photographer and instagrammers. We have a category for everyone!

Visit or email...


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The new mirrorless cameras from Nikon continues to adapt to user needs with the addition of new functions and improvement of capabilities

SINGAPORE – The development of new firmware for the Nikon full-frame mirrorless cameras, the Nikon Z 7 and Nikon Z 6, has been announced today by Nikon Singapore Pte. Ltd. The firmware in development includes new functions for the Z 7 and Z 6, such as Eye-Detection AF, RAW video output, and support for CFexpress memory cards. In addition, the cameras’ AF/AE functions will be further improved.

The Z series will continue to flexibly respond to changing user needs and offer next-generation imaging experiences that stimulate users' creative intentions.


1. Support for Eye-Detection AF for still...


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Compact and powerful, the 24-70mm lens’ anti-reflective ARNEO Coat empowers clear and high-quality images with excellent control across the entire shooting range

“In continually pushing the boundaries of innovation and creativity at Nikon, we have developed a zoom lens with a constant maximum aperture of f/2.8 that is unlike any other – one that is highly versatile and excellent for everyday photography and videography. Photographers can use this power-packed lens to shoot a diverse range of images, producing stellar quality images every time and in any situation,” said Hiroki Yamaoka, General Manager of Imaging Business Division, Imaging Group, Nikon Singapore Pte. Ltd.

SINGAPORE – Nikon Singapore Pte. Ltd. today announced the new Nikon Z series NIKKOR Z 24-70mm f/2.8 S lens, which boasts great optical performance and...

[Keithwee] Review of the Fujifilm X-T30 | The pint sized over-achiever.

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*Note: As always, the most updated and complete version of the review will be at my personal website at​

Introducing the X-T30, the only body after X-T3 equipped with Fujifilm’s latest X-Trans IV sensor.
Even though I had shared the review of the X-T20 back on Jan 14, 2017 – the two years gap has been pretty rewarding with the succession of releases of the Fujifilm X-E3...

Olympus E-M1X - Satay by the Bay World of Nature & Birds Shoot Challenge @ 16th Feb 2019

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Olympus Singapore will be sponsoring 30 members to to test out the newly announced Olympus E-M1X @ Satay by the Bay.

The OM-D E-M1X - Responsive Performance Every time


Introducing the OM-D E-M1X camera designed with professional photographer’s in mind to meet the performance and feature needs of the most demanding photographers.

Featuring two TruePic VIII image processors, this model features vastly improved AF with new subject detection auto-focus technology, high frame rate performance, and stunning image quality with the ability to deliver 50MP equivalent Handheld High Res Shot.

The image stabilisation performance is industry leading with up to 7.5[*] shutter speed steps of compensation performance. Additionality the highly configurable and operational performance of the camera with both a vertical and horizontal grip that creates the same tactile feel for...

Olympus E-M1X Launch

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Olympus E-M1X Launch @ Sepang International Circuit





Olympus Singapore launches the new OM-D E-M1X
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Olympus Singapore launches the new OM-D E-M1X

Olympus Singapore is pleased to announce the launch of the new OM-D E-M1X. This compact, lightweight interchangeable lens camera achieves high-quality images while conforming to the Micro Four Thirds System standard. Advancing from the OM-D series, the OM-D E-M1X sees a boost of technological advancements, which enables it to surpass DSLRs while bringing portability and image quality into the next dimension.

Featuring the world’s highest image stabilization performance of 7.51 shutter speed steps, double TruePic VIII image processor now allows for new Intelligent Subject Detection AF that uses deep learning technology and the new hand-held High Res Shot to 50M, the OM-D series expands with the new OM-D E-M1X professional model, which is situated alongside the OM-D E-M1 Mark II.

With integrated vertical grip construction, the new professional OM-D E-M1X offers...

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