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I am hobbyist photographer offers affordable photography services specialized in events and portraiture. This is only my hobby so i don't charge too much.

I will do my best to capture beautiful moments of your event.

I will provide good quality soft copy images with FREE editing. (Basic image enhancement)

I have work on weekdays so my availabilty only WEEKENDS and HOLIDAYS.

$30/hr minimum of 2 hours.

sotongp's account is on hold due to an invalid email (bounced) status. Until he/she logs in and provides an updated and valid email address, some functions (like conversations/PM) will be restricted.
Hello Darren, can I open a thread which I have closed (or delete it)? I need to mark item sold in a recent posting but unfortunately, I closed the thread without indicating it was sold. Been getting enquiries from buyers, only to turn them away.
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