zing SLR action strap

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I tried out this strap today. I feel that it is a great effort strap but not the great in design:

a) for a given selling price, the manufacturer actually can use more genuine materials. Of course, those materials are quite suitable but can be improved. It gives me kind a "cheap" stuff impression. Personal view.

b) i think it is because of the camera I am using. When I attached this hand/wrist strap, quite difficult for me to reach the shutter button. I already adjusted the tightness of the strap accordingly but still feel quite uneasy to reach the shutter button. Maybe it is because of my camera only. Furthermore, there are some other buttons quite difficult to reach by my right hand's finger because of the design also.

c) you need to unscrew the strap if you want to rest your camera on the table because you need to screw one of the end of the strap on your camera. If you use tripod's quick release plate, it will be unbalance. Quite troublesome in the sense that if you leave your camera on any flat surface, it cannot be done as usual way. Maybe you can hang it using the metal clip provided on your belt?

d) another design problem is no metal eyelet on the end that attachs to the mouth.

or if you are in low budget, why don't try this:
Streetshooter Home Made Sing SLR Action Strap
(sorry streetshooter for borrowing your thread and advertising for you :) )

or you can order one here:
klsss's selling thread

disclaimer: above are just my personal views, nothing to do with d.i.yer or seller. the comfortness maybe varied from person to person, camera to camera (due to the location of the strap eyelet). nevertheless, i would sugggest the manufacturer to improve the designs slightly.:)


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some how i agreed this zing strap is not perfect "yet" .

but some how i think it 1 ofthe better ones,(i bet this is your 1st handstrap):D ? i own a nikon AH4(which cost 100over) n a minolta 7xi hand strap. compared the price of the orginal , i think this one got better comfort . but still the minolta ones are best .

i too changed the base knot to a flat metal ones with another screw hole for tripod mounting , u can easy get a plastic ones .

sorry u dont like it , by the way wat camera u r using ?



nope. I like it. just that there are still rooms for improvement (as you said, not perfect). and in responding to one of the forumner's request for the review. try out the field trip yet.;) i hav been waiting this strap for quite long if you follow the thread. thanks for the efforts, man.

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