Yunnan - Seeking Advice on Shangri La and Meili Snow Mountain Accomodation

Jul 10, 2010
I am making a free and easy trip to Yunnan on my own. I plan to cover ShangriLa and possibly Meili Snow Mountain. I hve browsed thru the different threads on Yunnan.

I would like to know

1) how does one book the accomodations in ShangriLa and Meili Snow Mountain. I could not locate any hotels in Plse advise how does one book accomodation / or feel free to recommend.

2) Is it feasible to explore Shangrila without a local tour guide?

3) I have only 5 days, excluding the day I travel from Kunming to Shangrila. Do I have enuf days to cover Shangri La and Meili Snow Mountain?

Many thanks.


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Nov 25, 2008
1. There are many small back packing hostels both in ShangriLa and Feilaisi (Meili XueShan view point). You can simply arrive and walk around. If you make it to Yubeng, there are also a few small places but not as many.

2. If only ShangriLa and its environments, I would still suggest a guide because you will need transport to get out of the town to the flatlands etc. So might as well make it easy on yourself especially since you have very limted time. The backpacker hostels will be more than happy to arrange.

3. Very tight for time. Remember you still need almost another day to return back to Kunming from ShangriLa. Means you have only 4 days. If you fly from Kunming to ShangriLa, you might be able to shave some time off, depending on the flight schedule. If you want to go to Yubeng - from Feilaisi, it is a 3 day trip, at least.

Have fun both planning and during the trip. It is a nice place, plenty of outdoors.

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Jul 10, 2010
Yr advice came on time :D Thank you very much !!

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