Your flash so bright.

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Sep 16, 2007
Hi all. Just a little background of myself since this is my first post. The only cameras i'm familiar with are handphone cameras. Have been using my N95 as my main camera and have just bought a used 350D from mud77man. Btw bro, if you're reading this. Thanks so much for your help and tips!

I would like to gain more knowledge on how to improve my photography and how to take better photographs. I'm interested in still life/abstract, candids and landscape.

Lol, that sounded like me being an employee and you guys the employer in an interview huh.

Now for the picture!

I took this shot randomly while testing out the camera. When i focused on Rocky(my dog), i saw him like blink and close his eyes and so just took a shot. Was quite surprised myself that i could catch him closing his eyes.

I'm sorry but i couldn't remember my settings when i took the picture. I just adjusted randomly, managed to focus clearly and took the shot.

I like this picture as i always wanted to take a shot whereby my object is in good focus and the background blurred. Have never been able to take a shot like that with my handphone camera.

Advice would be much appreciated!


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