You'll Never Walk Alone! LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB!! *68* - Its a battle! Stay close!!

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Let's Get Ready to GUESS GUESS GUESS!!!

Correct Score Prediction = 3points!

Correct 1st Scorer for LFC = 1point!

Correct Last Scorer for LFC = 1point!

Hat-Trick Hero Perfect Guess Guess Guess! = 5points!

so in any game, the max point a participant can net is a total of 10points.

Sorting Out the Grey Areas.

1). in the event of 1-0 end result, the 1st scorer will be taken as the last scorer even though the participant might haf anticipated 2-0 or 22-0 and have listed someone else as the last scorer.

2). the prediction is good till the Final Whistle, which includes Extra-time but not Penalty Shootout.

NEW!! List of Grandmaster Kelongster:

1). Season August 2011 - July 2012: Zaren *

Table of Hat-Trick Heroes for Season 12/13!

1). 15/9/12 Saturday. Sunderland vs. LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB, at Stadium of Light.
1-1 DRAW with Suarez scoring the equaliser. ---> Zaren

2). 4/11/12 Sunday. LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB vs. Newcastle Utd, at Anfield!
1-1 Draw with Suarez scoring the equaliser. ---> fotoudavid

3). 11/11/12 Sunday. chel$ki vs. LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB, at Stamford Bridge.
1-1 DRAW with Suarez scoring the equaliser! ---> Zaren, fotoudavid and Roadrunner!!

4). 25/11/12 Sunday. Swansea vs. LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB, at Liberty Stadium.
0-0 Draw! ----> Sunnyday.

5). 25/11/12 Sunday. chel$ki vs. manSipTea (raf999's first game in charge of chel$ki), at Stamford Bridge.
0-0 Draw! ----> Sunnyday.

SEASON 2012 AUG to 2013 MAY!

League table of Kelongsters.

1). sunnyday 44pts ---> cannot reach him liao. =(
2). zaren 40pts. ---> suddenly 2nd?!
3). fotoudavid 30pts ---> Mr.Hat-trick Hero!
4). Roadrunner 29pts. ---> mux run road faster!
5). philip 22pts
6). Cheesecake 21pts ---> suddenly 6th!?
7). Airfins 15pts
8). Photo-orama 11pts
9). ahyooo 7pts
10). kelccm 7pts
11). Grumpy 7pts
12). wonglp 6pts
13). blazer_workz 5pts
14). Toxicboy 4pts
15). Bro Rodz 4pts
16). canew 2pts
17). shunzi 2pts

30/12/12, 1600GMT
Sunday, BPL!!


AWAY at loftus road.

Can we avoid defeat against QPR?!

1). 2-0 LFC WINS!! (Suarez, Agger) fotoudavid
2). 2-0 LFC WINS!! (Suarez, Gerrard) CC
3). 1-1 DRAW!! (Suarez) zaren
4). 4-0 LFC wins (suarezx3) Philip113.
5 1-0 Suarez sunnyday
6) 2-0 LFC wins (Suarez, sterling) wonglp
7) 2-2 Draw (Suarez,SG) roDz
8) 1-0 LFC WINS!! (Suarez) roadrunner
9). 3-0 LFC WINS!! (Suarez) airfins

its a new season and this is thread number 68 for LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB!!

we're now fighting for our lives, as usual. :)

BR opted for a brave team consisting of jordan henderson and steward downing. will this 2 inclusion spelt the end of a glorious year for us?!


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Oct 27, 2003
To sleep or to watch the game? Downing...Henderson...:sweatsm:
downing could be the match winner tonight :)

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