You'll Never Walk Alone! LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB!! *64* - NEW DAWN IS UPON US!!!

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Let's Get Ready to GUESS GUESS GUESS!!!

Correct Score Prediction = 3points!

Correct 1st Scorer for LFC = 1point!

Correct Last Scorer for LFC = 1point!

Hat-Trick Hero Perfect Guess Guess Guess! = 5points!

so in any game, the max point a participant can net is a total of 10points.

Sorting Out the Grey Areas.

1). in the event of 1-0 end result, the 1st scorer will be taken as the last scorer even though the participant might haf anticipated 2-0 or 22-0 and have listed someone else as the last scorer.

2). the prediction is good till the Final Whistle, which includes Extra-time but not Penalty Shootout.

NEW!! List of Grandmaster Kelongster:

1). Season August 2011 - July 2012: Zaren


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Mar 11, 2005
let's sign michael owen!!!! then flower, then barns, reddnack!!! we form a old team to compete!!! Lan Rush will be the captain!!!! only standing near opponent goal post!!!


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Oct 27, 2003
hahaha.....finally managed to win one GGG season..... huat ah!

go REDS!!!!! YNWA!!!!


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Mar 11, 2005
sibei xian, top and 5th is a whopping 56 points different.....


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Mar 11, 2005
good day



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Mar 11, 2005
good nite.


Cole wants to make Reds impact
Midfielder happy to have a clean slate under new boss Rodgers

Last Updated: July 6, 2012 10:07pm

Joe Cole is determined to prove he can be a success at Liverpool and is delighted to be back with the Premier League club.

The midfielder joined Liverpool on a free transfer in 2010 from Chelsea, but he made just nine Premier League starts in his debut season before spending last term on loan in France with Lille.

With Brendan Rodgers having replaced Kenny Dalglish as manager, the 30-year-old has been given a second chance to make an impact at Anfield and it is an opportunity Cole is eager to grasp.

"I don't want to leave Liverpool one day having not been a success here or having left something here," Cole told the club's official website.

"I want to make an imprint at the club. I've been a success at West Ham, Chelsea and Lille - I don't want people to be able to say that I haven't here.

"I'd like to be given the opportunity to play, learn and improve, and join this great team. It's a great group and I would like to be involved in this team and really push on."


After failing to perform to his best under previous Reds bosses Roy Hodgson and Dalglish, the England international is looking forward to a fresh start under Rodgers.

He added: "It's a clean slate for everyone, so I'm delighted to be back.

"You have to remember, I've only been at Liverpool one season, really, but this is the third manager I've played for.

"It does feel different this time - it feels like it's ready to go.

"I came here for one reason - because I wanted to be a part of the resurgence of this club. It excited me coming here because I knew what a big club it was with a rich history and I wanted to be part of something. I still do.

"The fire still burns in me to be a part of it - I want to be part of this club moving in the right direction."

Rodgers: LFC more than a club
7th Jul 2012

Brendan Rodgers has revealed how he feels he is making a seamless transition into life on Merseyside – and believes the passion for football in Liverpool matches his own.

Ever since he was unveiled as the Reds' new boss on June 1, Rodgers has been busy investigating his new city, which he has described as 'special' following the warm welcome he has received.

"The transition has been very, very easy. It's a real special place, Liverpool, and I found that out very early on," the 39-year-old told

"I've spent a lot of time here so far just to try and get a feel for the city and everywhere. I move into a new home at the weekend so I haven't tried to waste any time in getting a base for myself.

"I found out very early on here at Liverpool, it's not just a football club, it's a way of life. That suits me fine because football is my life, my passion.

"Hopefully I can do the supporters proud, I'll fight for my life to ensure we can have success here and make a good start to this season."

The Northern Irishman was not surprised by the warm welcome he has been afforded to date and intends to repay that good will by giving his all to bring success back to Anfield.

Rodgers added: "It's always nice whenever you get accepted well. I've been really drawn to the warmth of the club. However this goes here, I aim to hopefully be here for many years. That's the plan and the idea of coming to Liverpool, that this really can be a destination for me.

"How football evolves, you just never know but what I do know is that the people here at the football club are a class act. The warmth and the hospitality that I've been given in the short time here has taken me back and is something that will always stay with me.

"I haven't been surprised by much. The club is a real institution and a privilege for me to be here and I embrace everything in order to help the club make strides going forward."

Earlier this week, Rodgers described the Reds as the 'perfect club' for him and he expanded on that statement further, citing the club's style of play and conduct as key factors in his decision to swap Swansea for Anfield.

"This is a club that has real integrity and class in how they behave themselves, the players and the supporters," the manager commented.

"This is a club that over many years demonstrated that on and off the field. Their football vision over many years, the Liverpool way of playing, is something that has been renowned for many years.

"I know because of how I work, especially in Britain where maybe the game and game style is slightly different, there are very few clubs where I can go and bring this model and style of football which will actually suit the club.

"Look at Spain - the model of their play and work has shaped the history of the country. What I aim to do is play the Liverpool way, not the Barcelona way, Spain way or Swansea way."

He concluded: "It's over 20 years since this club won the Barclays Premier League so we hope that over the coming years we can look to get closer to changing that because this is a club that should be up there challenging. With everything with it, I believe that hopefully we can do that over the years to come."

Author: Chris Shaw

curry sauce!!


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Aug 16, 2005
Del Bosque wants to talk tactics with Rodgers!

Brendan Rodgers has been offered an invitation to talk tiki-taka with Spanish International coach Vicente Del Bosque, who recently guided Spain to the World Cup in 2010 and European Championship Glory in July.

Rodgers was due to meet with Del Bosque before Euro 2012 but due to Liverpool making an approach to bring the manager, known for his passing philosophy, to Anfield this was postponed. Since then Del Bosque has contacted Brendan telling him he is still welcome to visit and discuss philosophies with him.

According to the Mirror a source close to Rodgers said

It is obviously a ­difficult time to find a date at the moment but Brendan has an open invitation to meet Del Bosque and watch Spain train. I’m sure he will take up the offer at some point ­because Brendan loves to talk to people about the game, particularly very successful people.

Rodgers is fluent in Spanish and is keen to talk to the man who won the Champions League with Real Madrid.

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