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Yellow orchids

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I had taken this picture at the singapore botanic gardens, the orchid area..its been a few months now. I really wanted to go up close and capture a view of the small yellow orchids they had over there.
I didn't have a macro back then, so its shot with the standard kit lens(18-135) at 1/1000s exposure speed...which I admit, seems like a mistake, picture is a tad bit underexposed.
Couldn't help it..it was dark that day and I had no tripod...my pics go blurry if the speed is below 1/250... well at that time..now I manage to go to 1/60. :)

Anyway, I was just trying to bring out the details of the orchids, but didn't want to zoom up on just one...wanted a bunch of them, some which blur off into the background. Do wish I had a greenish background though.

Critic on everything you can except the exposure. Its easier not to be specific about what kind of criticism you want...that way people tend to share their opinions on a broader perspective, and I get to see my photos from a different POV too.

have fun. Critic away.


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Nov 18, 2007
i would say that the background is too messy for his pic... and it seems that ur main subject which is the yellow orchid is merging with your background because its more of yellow on yellow... might want to consider taking the pic from another angle :)

EDIT: oh ya... and the edges on the flowers look a tad too sharp... dun mind me coz im a noob too... we learn together aite... :)

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Dec 11, 2006
The off colour cast is due to the white balance on your camera. Not sure how was the weather dat day but you shouldn't use auto-white balance all the time. If its cloudy, use the cloudy with balance and so on. If you know how to, use a grey/white card to do white balancing.

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