XBox or PS2?

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Aug 13, 2003
I'm thinkin to buy a game console but not sure which one should I buy... :think:

Any recommendation? :embrass:

Btw, XBox will have a great deal at Comex 2003! ;p

A Press Release from Microsoft;
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Hmm... how about PS2? 17" Samsung LCD monitor :bsmilie:



cheaper also. and games come out faster

West_ray said:
PS 2 PS 2 !!!! game more variety lehz ~~~


Dec 20, 2002
Planet Nikon
My vote goes to PS2, Xbox is just a PC without monitor and solely for gaming purpose only. No sense splurging on a PC (read: lag).


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Jul 11, 2002
My vote goes to PS2 as well. I have both of them previously and I notice most of my time is playing PS 2 more then Xbox. In the end, I sell away my Xbox.

In terms of games development. PS 2 game is really satisfying your time to play all the way until you finish it, of course we have to depend on what game title are we talking about and what type of game you like. :cool:


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Mar 2, 2003
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Had the same problem not too long ago. chose PS2 for myself. it really depends on your preference:
1) if you like FPS games, go for XBOX. most FPSs came out for both systems and the XBOX versions are always superior. also XBOX is getting counterstrike and doom3 but not ps2.
2) RPGs - ps2 rules. that's the reason i chose the ps2. if you like RPGs, your choice is clear.
3) variety - i think ps2 has a slight edge. if you like quirky games that are different from the norm, ps2 has more.
4) platform games - ps2 still leads here. jak and daxter;sly cooper and klonoa among other. but gamecube is best here :p
5) hardware -XBOX rules. it is far superior to the ps2.
6) ps1 - the trump card for me. there's a lot of great ps1 games. i am actually spending most of my time playing FF9.
choose based on what games you like. check out sites like or to see what's upcoming and see which one you like more.


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May 11, 2003
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espn said:
My vote goes to PS2, Xbox is just a PC without monitor and solely for gaming purpose only. No sense splurging on a PC (read: lag).
Yeah, very true. In fact because the Xbox is actually a Pentium 3 700mhz most of Xbox's games are ported from PC Games. like Medal of Honor...etc

FPS games are a pain in the neck to be played with a controller only.
I tried Medal of Honor on the Xbox and I could never get used to the controller, I always prefered the keyboard and mouse combo on the PC.

I think someone could probably come up with a emualation software to run Xbox games on the PC since they are both programmed for the Intel instruction set.

Maybe someday we will get DOA on PC. (or is it out already? I dunno)

My vote goes to PS2 also.
(if you add up all the PS1 and PS2 games that it can play, Xbox may take years to catch up)

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