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KNOWLEDGE BOWL School of Photography

*** HAVE FUN in creating your own short film ***

In today's world of digital photography, all DSLR and Mirrorless systems are able to capture HD video clips besides taking photographs.

As we go about travelling or having great sessions with our family members and friends, we capture both photograph and video clips of the fleeting moments which we can enjoy as time goes by. It can be those fantastic angles of landscapes or architecture or performance in our holiday trips or a compilation of video clips of happy moments of your family or friends' gathering or you may even like to embark on personal projects such as capturing the life in the Heartlands.

Imagine you are videographing your kids as they eat, play, sleep, you can piece them all into a short film about them. Imagine you are videographing the pre-war architecture of Chinatown or Little India, you can compile the clips into your very own documentary film.

You shall also be taught on video editing as well to produce serious amateur short films.

The instructor is Yingmin, a graduate from Beijing Film Academy. She shall share with you the secrets of good video making, story boarding, angles etc.

Certificate will be issued upon completion of the course.

Look forward to you joining us and enjoy making great films with your cameras.


DECEMBER Intake (Available)
Session 1: 9th December 2012, Sunday, 1pm to 5pm
Session 2: 16th December 2012, Saturday, 1pm to 5pm

Course Fee:

Goh Ying Min, Graduate from Beijing Film Academy

190 Middle Road #04-28 Fortune Centre Singapore 188979

In the event if you miss any class due to work or family commitment, you can make up for the missed lesson or arrange to go for lessons in another batch.

You can make payment by cash, NETS or cheque preferably one week prior to the course commencement date to facilitate our administration. Cheque can be made payable to "Sandven Group"

Sandven Group
190 Middle Road,
#04- 28 Fortune Centre,
Singapore 188979

We look forward to your confirmation, support and participation, and lets enjoy the session and have fun.

Please feel free to call us at 63330348 or email us for enquiries admin@sandvengroup.com

The syllabus can be found in Knowledge Bowl Training and Consultancy

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