WTSell: Video Cameras - Other Lucidcam, 4K 180VR/3D stereoscopic virtual reality camera

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Dec 19, 2014
Classifieds Type: WTSell

Equipment Type: Video Cameras

Brand: Other

Short Description: Lucidcam, 4K 180VR/3D camera

Price (S$): 100

Condition of Item(s): 9

Detailed Description:
I got this a while ago and hardly used it. It's been sitting in its original box for almost a year untouched. This is a first generation consumer 180VR camera. The second generation is already out so I'm getting rid of this.

I originally bought it for about 600 SGD. You can get it brand new on Amazon.com right now for about 500 SGD. I'm selling it for 100 SGD.

This camera is ideal for someone who isn't too picky or someone who wants to play around with a cheap VR setup. It has some limitations (read the online reviews).

I don't like it because:
1. The phone app/control is limited and not user friendly. For example, it can be slow to link up, and you can't watch a preview while you record a video. (You can watch a preview before you hit record or for pictures only.) It's annoying for certain use cases.

2. You need good lighting. Outdoors or a well-lit convention center are okay. Other indoor situations aren't great. The light metering or dynamic range is also poor, so if you have a bright light behind your subject, you may end up with an underexposed image. Coupled with #1, you can't see that the shot is ruined until afterwords, especially if you are moving around and shooting on the fly.

3. Overall not as refined software/ecosystem as it could be. The firmware is updated to the 4K version, but the company has stopped supporting the product, pretty much.

Recommended for:
1. Good and/or controlled lighting. Stationary camera.

2. Someone who isn't picky and wants to play around with a first-generation consumer-level product. Or someone who is a DIY person and willing to run ffmpeg scripts, clean up the footage, and so on with a cheap setup.

WA or SMS. eight4zerofive5two8two

Deal at Clementi, day time or evening.

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