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Mar 1, 2011
Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS)

Equipment Type: Video Accessories
Equipment Brand: JVC
Equipment Model: BR-DV3000E
Price (S$): 600
General Specification BR-DV3000E
Power requirements DC 12 V (from provided 12 V, 3.5 A AC adapter)
Power consumption Approx. 14 W
Dimensions 174 (W) x 68 (H) x 260 (D) mm
(6-7/8" x 2-11/16" x 10-1/4")
Weight Approx. 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs.)
Format DV format (SP mode only. Not compatible with the LP mode.)
Signal format PAL/NTSC
Usable tape Standard/Mini DV tape
The BR-DV3000 is a simple, no-frills recorder/player with a compact and stylish design that can be installed horizontally or vertically.

NTSC/PAL recording and playback

Switch between NTSC or PAL as required. This makes it easy to work with internationally sourced material and transfer it to a non-linear system for editing. You can also record to Standard or Mini DV tape in either NTSC or PAL system. (Note: This VTR cannot be used as an NTSC/PAL converter. It can record and play back signals in both NTSC and PAL formats.
IEEE1394, Y/C input/output and composite input/output

The BR-DV3000U is equipped with an industry standard DV (Firewire) connection that allows recordings to be transferred to and from a wide variety of other digital systems, including popular non-linear editing systems. Dubbing can be performed with another DV deck or camcorder with no loss in audio or video fidelity. In addition to DV input/output, the BR-DV3000 is equipped with the Y/C (S-video) input/output and composite input/output.
DVCAMTM playback capability

DVCAMTM recordings can be played back directly on the BR-DV3000. This makes it easy to use DVCAMTM recordings as source material for editing.
RS-422 interface

The BR-DV3000 is equipped with an industry-standard RS-422 interface, allowing for connection to a wide range of external components. For example, it can be used as a player (not recorder) when connected to the RM-G820.
Wireless/wired remote control

Connecting the optional RM-G30 controller to the REMOTE connector enables you to control BR-DV3000 operations from a distance. There's also a wireless remote control that provides control over field advance (1st/2nd), frame advance, menu display, audio reference level selection (-20 dB or -12 dB), color bar display and blank search, as well as in addition to basic operations.
Time Code ReGenerator, 20x high-speed search

The built-in time code generator provides preset (rec run) and regene time codes. In combination with the 20x search function (100x max. in the FF or REW mode), this provides super-fast access to any target point on the tape with visible pictures.
Audio indicator

This indicator lights whenever audio signals are input. Also, it provides a convenient way to check for the presence of the audio signals during tape playback.
Continuous recording

When a camcorder is connected to the BR-DV3000 via the DV connector, the BR-DV3000 will start recording 5 minutes before the tape in the camcorder ends. This enables continuous shooting for extended periods with no breaks in the recording.
Repeat playback

When the video signal ends or tape ends, playback starts again from the beginning of the recorded video or tape (video end repeat/tape end repeat).
Vertical or Horizontal operation

The new tape mechanism is compatible with either vertical or horizontal operation, making it easy to install the compact BR-DV3000 in a narrow space or close to a non-linear system.
On-screen menu

Systematic, easy-to-understand menu screens simplify setting and operation procedures.
Other features:
Lock audio (16-bit, 48-kHz only)
Audio dubbing
Microphone connector
Time code reader/generator
Contact closure recording
+/- 1/3 noiseless slow motion
Variable speed search
DV recording on DVCAMTM tape

The set has been carefully well-used back in the DV era. Since I have upgraded all my equipment to HD and using memory card storage, I have no use for this set anymore except if I still need to digitise footage from minDV or standard DV tape format. It's been lying around unused for quite some time. Time to let it go to someone who has use for it. Email me or contact me directly if interested.

Real Name: Roger
Contact Number: 90233811
Email Address: pixelens@ymail.com

Condition of Item: 7
Warranty Status: Nil (Buyer can check condition first before purchase)

Wireless remote control and power adapter with cable.

Additional Comments:
I will trhrow in some 2-3 hrs standard DV tapes and a box of new miniDV tape if buyer agrees at the abovementioned offered price.

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