WTSell: Other - Other A6000, A6300, A6400, A6500 Flash Bounce Cards Sony


Apr 22, 2010
Singapore, Singapore, Singapor
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Short Description: A6000, A6300, A6400, A6500 Flash Bounce Cards Sony

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About this item
Three flash bounce cards are included, Clear, Amber and Translucent White. The cards are acrylic and are accurate in color and clearness, unlike polyethylene plastic. When placed in the flash hot shoe, the photographer can quickly move the flash position in front of or behind the bounce card. The card is easily slid into the hotshoe and stays in place for easy use. The clear card bounces the majority of light while the translucent white card bounces 60% with 40% directed toward the subject. The translucent card itself acts as a light source giving sufficient fill with the influence of bounce. The Amber card matches the Roscoe Bastard Amber gel and adds a warming tone to the image. Each of the three cards are designed for a specific purpose. Also fits the Sony NEX-6.

Features & details
Comes with three flash bounce cards, Clear, Amber and Translucent White, Cards are Acrylic. Each card is designed for a specific purpose.
White Card creates softer light that compliments your subjects by bouncing light and adding filled light. Clear Card is true acrylic clear for maximum bounced light.
Amber Card creates light matching Roscoe Bastard Amber - the choice of professionals.
Flash can be quickly moved to front position for direct flash or behind the bounce card for softer light. Cards are compact and flat, easily pocketable.

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