WTSell: Medium Format - Mamiya RB67 PRO S + 127, 50 & 180mm Lenses + 2 Film Backs + 2 Revolving Backs


Feb 1, 2006
Classifieds Type: WTSell

Equipment Type: Medium Format

Brand: Mamiya

Short Description: RB67 PRO S + 127, 50 & 180mm Lenses + 2 Film Backs + 2 Revolving Backs

Price (S$): 850

Condition of Item(s): 7

Detailed Description:
Please READ this carefully. I will not be answering questions for which the answers appear below:
Up for sale is a fully functional and well maintained RB67 with 3 lenses 2 Film Backs (120) and two revolving adapters. I have worked with the RB for 8 years and shot two projects on this over this period. My photos appear on these blogs:
Part 1: https://kosmofoto.com/.../the-indian-himalayas-on-medium.../
Part 2: https://kosmofoto.com/.../the-indian-himalayas-on-medium.../
This is NOT a mint condition set. The body is in fantastic condition with the bellows in perfect condition (no pinholes or leaks)
The view finder has a diagonal split image focus screen so its perfect for focusing quickly and shooting (that screen itself costs ~$80). Focusing and shutter cocking is super smooth.
I have 3 lenses to offer here:
50mm/4.5: The older wide angle, this lens is usable and will produce fantastic images. However having not been used in a while there is a haze patch on the side and a blemish (possible balsamic separation). Both of which have not affected my images when I shot with it in 2017-18.
127/3.8: This is the oldest version of the lens if I am not wrong. This lens has quite a few scratches on the front element. I had a newer K/L version of this lens so I didn't use this older lens much.
180/4.5: This is the older version of the lens but this lens is in fantastic condition. No haze, no fungus and no scratches. IT was my go-to lens for studio work and it delivers stunning results.
All shutter speeds on all the lens are working. Cannot guarantee accuracy though as I do not have any way to measure them.
2 Film backs and revolving back: Both film backs have been resealed for light leaks by Philip Tay so rest assured these are in great condition.
This is a shooter so do not expect a museum or collectors display piece. It is not an easy camera to operate so if you're a beginner or new to photography please think twice before you decide to buy it.
Complimentary MACRO extension tubes included in purchase.
Only selling as a set. Not selling lenses separately.
Price has been lowered as I am not selling an additional 65mm lens that was supposed to be part of the original post.

Name: Nanda

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