WTSell: Lens - Other Panasonic S-X50 Lumix S PRO 50mm f/1.4 Lens (L Mount)


Mar 22, 2017
Classifieds Type: WTSell

Equipment Type: Lens

Brand: Other

Short Description: Panasonic S-X50 Lumix S PRO 50mm f/1.4 Lens (L Mount)

Price (S$): 2790

Condition of Item(s): Mint

Detailed Description:
Letting go of an under-utilised ultra-bright and fast lens for Amount. A great alternative for Leica and Sigma users. This lens is Leica certified and features an external aperture ring and also a manual focus clutch - A simple push changes AF mode to MF. The concern about accidentally changing from AF to MF due to the clutch is negligible as switching between the 2 modes requires a firm push/pull.

- Include front and rear lens cap
- Include Lens hood
- Include original box and receipt (proof of purchase)

Lens' care, condition and usage:
- Filter was on since day 1 of purchase and kept well in dry cabinet
- Extremely underutilised
- Lens aesthetic as per brand new condition
- So far, I've only brought it out for 2 portrait shoots, not lasting more than 2 hours per session
- Took some casual shots of food at home on another 2 occasions
- Dust spotted in the photo can be easily dust off

Warranty status:
Bought on 28 May 2020, hence, the warranty status is valid till 27 May 2021

Name: Alex

Phone Number:

Images of Item(s):
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