WTSell: Lens - Other Minolta MD Rokkor 50mm 1.4 and MC Rokkor-PG 50mm F1.4

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Dec 1, 2005
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Equipment Type: Lens
Equipment Brand: Other
Equipment Model: Minolta MD Rokkor 50mm 1.4 and MC Rokkor-PG 50mm F1.4
Price (S$): $180 or best offer
Selling two of my 50mm collections - the MC and MD versions of the 50mm F1.4. Both lenses deliver very good IQ, characterisitics of all quality Rokkor lenses. The MC Rokkor-PG is considered as the sharpest among the Minolta 50mm lenses but the MD version is smaller, lighter and has better coatings and I don't find it any less sharp than the MC version.

These are FF manual lenses suitable for use on NEX and M4/3 with the MC/MD->NEX adapter. The MD Rokkor 50mm F1.4 is identical to the very well-regarded Minolta AF 50mm F1.4; the AF version is just modified from the manual version.

Both lenses are in very good condition, optically and cosmetically. Glass is clean and clear, no fungus or scratches. Aperture is snappy without oil and everything functions correctly. These lenses were built to last and would probably outlast any one of us here. Both lenses come with front and rear caps.

On NEX, both lenses are sharp wide open even at the extreme edges. Not that many F1.4 lenses have sharp corners at wide open. At F2, both are already bleeding sharp.

You can check out this website: digitalrokkor2011 They use a full-frame Canon DSLR to test out the lenses.

It is in Italian but you can just paste into Goodle Translator for a translation. Here is what it says for the 2 lenses.

MD Rokkor 50mm F1.4

Target that presents a new optical design, improved anti-reflective coating as well as a different color rendition and contrast compared to the previous MC Rokkor PG. Even for this version the optical performance is very good already f2 from the diaphragm, also on the size 24x36mm, especially in the central area of the frame. The best performance is obtained for diaphragms between f/2.8 and f5.6 where it is able to offer an excellent quality along the entire frame, for each shooting format. Also the yield of the out of focus is very good, up to the diaphragm 2.8, although slightly lower than the previous version MC. The mechanical construction is impeccable.

MC Rokkor-PG 50mm F1.4

Lens with excellent optical performance starting already from the diaphragm f2, also on the size 24x36mm, especially in the central area of the frame. The best performance is obtained for apertures between f/3.5 and f5.6 where it is able to offer excellent sharpness throughout the frame, for every shooting format.

On the 24x36mm sensor (Canon EOS 5D), the optical performance is characterized by a very pleasant blur between f2 and f2.8, typical of the series MC Rokkor. A slight aberration of coma, up to f2, was detected only at the extreme edges of the frame. As already f2.8 you notice a significant increase in sharpness and micro-contrast that makes it undoubtedly one of the best lenses made ​​by Minolta 50mm, especially for optical quality and mechanical, with the legendary MC Rokkor PG 58mm f1.2 from which it inherits the optical design, slightly modified maximum opening.

On APS-C, the optical performance is excellent since f2 aperture. Spherical aberration is perceived only at the maximum aperture and the coma aberration is already absent from f2.

Real Name: KY

Condition of Item: 9
Warranty Status: Test as much as you like

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