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Apr 29, 2006
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Equipment Type: Lens
Equipment Brand: Nikon
Equipment Model: Nikon AIS 35mm F1.4
Price (S$): stated below

One of the few supporting arguements of how manual nikkor lenses are still superior than their AF counterparts. This is one hell of a lens which for the past 20yrs, nikon fans has been hoping to see an AF or even AFS version of. Till now, there is nothing expect the AFD 35F2 which is a long outdated design, and a new DX 35F1.8, plastic cheap kit lens kind of built. If you are one who likes shooting at the 35mm focal length, then this is definitely a lens you got to have. I personally have gotten many good shots with it, taken with D700, 5dmark2 and recently with my ep-1, if not for the fact that i already have a 35F1.4L and a zeiss 35F1.4 i wouldnt let it go yet.

Information from MIR: The current Ai-S version was believed to have been introduced back in 1982. The 35mm Nikkor f/1.4 lens is the fastest among all the Nikkor wideangle lenses until Nikon introduced an equivalent wideangle lens with smilar fast maximum aperture in the AF Nikkor 28mm f1.4D in 1993 - that was a feat which has taken Nikon almost close to 3 decades to equal such achievement since the 35mm f/1.4 lens was introduced as early as in year 1971 ! This fast speed Nikkor lens was also holding the honor of being the first within the Nikkor lens family to feature Nikon Integrated Coating (NIC) process where air-to-glass surface is treated with propriatary formual to ensure maximum light transmission and minimizes flares between lens elements. The NIC process contributes greatly to its superior color rendition and high contrasty images.

The first benefit of the fast f/1.4 maximum apertureis, it provides an clear, bright viewfinder image for quick, accurate focusing and is especially suited for picture taking indoors or in dim light situations. Even at extremely close focusing range, this lens will maintain sharp definition and high contrasty images because it incorporates a Nikon's floating element correction system (more popularly referred as "CRC" which signifies "Close Range Optical Correction System") to compensate aberrations caused by close focusing - where most lenses are generally design to perform their best at infinity and usually optical quality deteriorates when working in close.

However, like any other high speed lenses, its minimum aperture stops down only at f/16 (However, the original Non-Ai version that first introduced in 1970 has a minimum aperture of f/22) and this slight flaw makes the lens unable to close the lens diaphragm smaller to f/22 or f/32 for greater depth of field control. Given the high lens speed, I think it may sound picking something out of nothing here as this lens was more specifically design to counter low available light photography. Next, despite its extra ordinary fast lens speed the lens offers, those genius at Nikon still able to retain the filter attachment size as many other Nikkor lenses and enable you to share popular 52mm filters.

Some quotes rgd this lens from online:

"Lovely lens. Really nice to find such a small 35mm 1.4. Some vignetting at 1.4 (I love it...I wish it had the same when stopped down). Was the last missing lens on my Nikon set. I am using it to digital cinematography and as a full frame lens meets my expectations completely...I wish Nikon kept manufacturing the AI-S."

"Beautifully built (like most of Nikon's AI/AIS lines), very sharp, good colors, nice contrast and very pleasant boke. On a D200 acts like a 50mm lens, making it a very good contender as walkaround lens. Good in low light since sharpness is pretty good wide open."

"Neat lens. Really excellent from f/2.8 thru f/8. Field curvature makes it appear as if subject (people) 5-10 feet away float on the film, a sort of 3D effect. At f/1.4, its usable, and improves markedly when stopped down a bit. A great lens. You won't regret owning this beauty."

Image taken with this lens:

Lens in very good condition. Will be good both buying to keep or use. value will hold for sure. even if nikon were to launch a AFS35F1.4, you can expect at least a 2K price tag. Selling here for only $900.

Real Name: xc
Contact Number: 91120589

Condition of Item (as per guidelines): Mint
Warranty Status: test on the spot

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