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Aug 9, 2012
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Equipment Type: Lens
Equipment Brand: Canon
Equipment Model: Lens & equipment
Price (S$): -
Hi all,

I will be leaving for Hong Kong again from 5th-8th Jan. For camera equipments and stuff, Hong Kong is much more cheaper than Singapore. I had bought most of my camera lens and stuff there. Although there is no warranty, the price is still much more cheaper and worth to buy. I believe most of us dont even need the warranty because its only a year. For those who are interested to buy Canon stuff there, I can help you buy.

Terms and conditions.

1) Let me know the model of the item you want (Only Canon brand)
and I will give you a quote base on the online prices from HK retail list.
2) I only help to buy first hand(not second hand or used) and I will provide original receipt from the shop.
3) You need to pay me a 50% deposit, and pay me the balance when I pass you the item. Deposit will be forfeited if you cant pay the balance or you don't want to accept the item after I had made the purchased.
4) If I bought the wrong item, your deposit will be refund.
5) If the item you want is out of stock, your deposit will be refund.
4) All items that I help to buy will be only from Canon Authorised Dealers. I will try my best to negotiate to the lowest.
5) If the price is only slightly higher than Singapore, I will text or email you from there to confirm with you if you want. If cant be reach, I will not make a purchase.
6) I will not be responsible for any lose, damage, fake, faulty, of the items that I help you to buy. However, I will try my best to check and safe guard it till my way back to Singapore.
7) My charges are 10% of the retail price in Hong kong.
8) Only join my thread if you are comfortable.
9) To prevent any miscommunications or forged, all correspondence and communications must be in email or sms. Better and safest for both parties.

Text me at 9100 One Zero Six Eight if you need my service.

Thank you :)

Real Name: Mr Ong

Condition of Item: Mint
Warranty Status: -

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