WTSell: Lens - Canon EF 80-200F2.8L A.K.A the magic drainpipe

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Apr 29, 2006
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Equipment Type: Lens
Equipment Brand: Canon
Equipment Model: EF 80-200F2.8L A.K.A the magic drainpipe
Price (S$): Price Fixed
EF 80-200F2.8L A.K.A the magic drainpipe

Known widely as " the magic drainpipe " due to its exterior, the 80-200F2.8L is definitely no slouch in terms of quality, in fact reviews all over are claiming this lens to be sharper wide open compared to its replacement, the 70-200F2.8L. In terms of size and weight, it is slightly smaller than the 70-200F2.8L. One of the only few disadvantages of this version, if really need to be mentioned, would be that its equiped with USM motor, however from practical field usage, the af speed does not really seems too slow, but of course, if you are intending to shoot F1 cars moving at 300km/h moving from one to another side of you then you don't just need USM, you need a 1 series camera too.

Advantage of the lens, though may not matter to many others, is the mere fact its black. For someone who travels often to 3rd world countries, India and China, especially rural parts, the bright white tele L lenses are absolutely not to your advantage... trust me. Uses of this lens wise, would be the versatile range it provides, covering anything sports to wildlife to portraiture to events.. The F2.8 as usual, gives the flexibility to shoot in low light conditions, and to get thin depth of field shots with beautiful bokeh.. Put it simply, any decent pro claiming photographer should have a lens of this range in his bag, if not the 70-200F2.8L (brand new going for about $2000), 70-200F2.8L IS II (brand new $3500), then at least an equivalent from tamron or sigma, which will set you back for at least $1500 to 1600 anyway.

Image taken with lens:

Lens in good condition. Comes with caps. Selling for only $1050 fixed for a good condition one, $950 for a slightly more used set.

Real Name: xc
Contact Number: 91120589

Condition of Item (as per guidelines): 9
Warranty Status: test on the spot

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