WTSell: DSLR - Canon EOS 450D Body (Pictures included too)

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Apr 19, 2010
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Equipment Type: DSLR
Equipment Brand: Canon
Equipment Model: EOS 450D Body (Pictures included too)
Price (S$): 600
Hello clubsappers, (ever since this was posted, i've quite a lot of smses, pls read the bottom of the ad to see the replies to common qus)

I have a beloved 450D that after much thinking, decided to let go due to upgrade. It's a well maintained set and I always make it a point to store it in the dry cabi after use. Condition I guess can rate it as 9. It still looks pretty new to me and Canon wordings are still clear, nice and intact. Sensor is totally clean with no dust.

Of coz there will be some slight user marks which cannot be helped. Other that that, I cant find faults with this cam. The viewfinder is crystal clear as I "shun bian" requested Canon to help me do a quick cleaning when my friend brought his lens to Canon for a check.

Package comes with what u see in the picture:

Canon EOS Body (with front & back caps),
2 X Original Batteries,
1 X Original Neckstrap,
1 X Original Charger,
1 X EOS Sling Bag,
1 X User Manual,
1 X Cleaning Cloth

I've gone through the threads, and i think 600 is a very good deal. If keen please contact me at 84001473.

No obligations to view and do thorough testing. If you don't like what you see, you can always choose not to buy. Prefer to deal in the East, other locations maybe in the evenings might be okay.

Thanks for reading.

p.s answering the common qus that i've been receiving till midnite, yes, both my batteries are ORIGINAL and not 3rd party. and yes also, there are absolutely no problems with the cam, thats why i allow u to do thorough testing with no obligations. and finally what happen if u dont have any lens to test? well u can use mine to test : ) and if u need a kit lens, my friend is selling one.. i can arrange for him to sell u if u want. hope it answers all the enquiries, paisei for those that i didnt reply ur sms, coz some r really repetitive. so i tot i'll answer here instead.

oh ya, pls dont send me ridiculous offers. i've received one or two which is incredibly ridiculous that if i post the offer here, u guys will probably laugh ur heads out. no offence though, but pls dont send me ridiculous offers. tks a lot.

Real Name: kel
Contact Number: 84001473

Condition of Item (as per guidelines): 9
Warranty Status: Nil

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