WTSell: DSLR - Canon 1D Mark 2N with many other stuffs (come and read!)

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Jun 13, 2007
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Equipment Type: DSLR
Equipment Brand: Canon
Equipment Model: 1D Mark 2N with many other stuffs (come and read!)
Price (S$): $2300 OBO
Condition 6.5/10 (not for the fussy buyer)
FULLY Weatherproof (never failed me in ANY conditions)
Comes with 2 ORIGINAL (NiMh) canon battery and 1 Li-On (very VERY long lasting and light) 3rd party battery.
Chargers for respective battries, the LiOn battery is a travel charger so its compact
AC Coupler adapter, IF you want to shoot tethered in a studio so you dont have to use batts.

Changed the hotshoe few months back, and the eyecap is brand new.

Will throw in phottix wireless flash trigger kit with 2 receivers and a Sandisk Ultra II 4gb SD card if a resonable price is met.

This camera has served me well throughout my travels and in harsh conditions where other cameras would have simply gave up. It can take knocks, drops, water, cold, heat, sand, and WHATEVER you can throw at it and itll still keep shooting and shooting and SHOOTING.

It has been in the ocean (not dipped into of course), under a waterfall, on a cold and windy beach, up a volcano, along rivers, and many more. This camera has much sentimental value to me and has been all ROUND the world with me and its unfortunate and a pain for me to see it go. I have many stories that I can share with you, if you purchase this camera.

So why an old 1D? Why not I get a brand new DIGIC 4 camera like a 7D or 5D2 or 60D?
Ill be brutally honest, if you want resolution, dynamic range (14bit), or crazy high sensitivity this is NOT the camera for you. HOWEVER, this is the BEST 12-bit sensor there is right there. Somehow you can recover and push ALOT of details from the RAW files. I have pushed 1 - 1 1/3 stops up and it still looks acceptable

This camera has EXCELLENT autofocus ability and ERGONOMICS. The FEEL of a 1D in your hands is like no other camera. I own and have shot with the whole range of canons, even with battery grips, non comes CLOSE with the feel of a 1-series camera in your hands.

The big, bright, 100% viewfinder is a dream to work with and the DUAL card slots give you a flexible choice between redundancy (backup) and storage.

If you have never used a 1-series camera before, the controls might be a little tricky to get used to at first. But once you've mastered it, it's VERY FAST to get the right settings that you want. The ONLY cameras that is easier and faster to change settings with are the newer 1D's, the mark III's and IV's.

Break into the magical world of the 1-series TODAY!

Real Name: Raied
Contact Number: +65 91527570

Condition of Item (as per guidelines): 6
Warranty Status: nil

Camera Unit
Original Charger
2 x Original NP-E3
1 x 3rd party LITHIUM ION Np-e3
Travel LiOn Charger
AC Coupler pack
Manual, CD's, usb cable, firewire cable, body cap, rgb video cable

Sandisk Ultra II 4gb SD card
Phottix Tetra wireless flash trigger set (2x receiver)

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