WTBuy: Rangefinder - Leica M10-P/M10 (black)

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Aug 12, 2007
Classifieds Type: WTBuy

Equipment Type: Rangefinder

Brand: Leica

Short Description: M10-P/M10 (black)

Price (S$): $5750 (M10-P), $4750 (M10)

Condition of Item(s): 8

Detailed Description:
- Camera should have accurate RF, clean sensor, no marks on VF and LCD.
- Preferably with shutter count of under 10k.
- Cosmetic condition of the top and bottom plate is not as crucial as long as everything works (RF, sensor, buttons, WIFI, etc.).
- Box not crucial but camera should be priced accordingly if box is not included. Should include charger and battery.
- Warranty is a bonus.
- Let me know if the camera comes with any extras.

I am not overly inflexible, so you if you have a camera in mint condition and with some extra accessories we may be able to work something out above the budget I set out. I am prepared to wait for the right deal and can deal readily (if you wish to offload the camera with accessories and lens(es) we can have a conversation).

Have an M10M for sale/trade if you so happen to be looking for one (condition 8 with warranty) we can also work something out.

Name: Chas

Phone Number:
8onesix397eight3 (WhatsApp only)

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