WTBuy: Lens - Tamron (CanonMount) 17-50 (non vc)

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Oct 24, 2003
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Equipment Type: Lens
Equipment Brand: Tamron (CanonMount)
Equipment Model: 17-50 (non vc)
Budget (S$): 500 max deal today
hi looking for the above mentioned for my friend. will be dealing on her behalf. condition is for the lens to be in excellent condition since its for a lady user. n gotta have 2 years of warrenty at least as her first set was w/o warrenty and there is no way she can get the set repaired.

with hoya filter. hmm thats about it. if u have one, can just sms me at 97475964. deal today on her behalf. tks.

need the full package, box, hood, warrenty card, official receipt.

Real Name: ken
Contact Number: 97475964
Warranty Status: 2 years as specified by her

Additional Comments:
I'll deal on her behalf today.

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